We are going to launch 100 paper planes from the edge of space!

Each plane will carry a message for the person who finds it.

Your messages will be carried on a Samsung SD Memory Cards attached to one of the planes. Samsung are doing this to prove how tough their memory cards are.

If you find one of our space planes after launch, let us know. We’ll announce on this site and hopefully set a new world record.

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These are the Samsung SD memory cards. They are magnet proof, shock proof and waterproof. But are they space proof?


Send a message in a paper plane, from space!
Flight Log
We'll be keeping you up to date with project announcements both here and on @spaceplanes!

Hi space fans!

So we did our launch 3 weeks ago now and the reports of people finding planes are still coming in. We’re waiting for confirmations on these reports so keep checking back.

We’re going to still be here for another 2 weeks so if you or someone you know has found a pink and purple plane, let us know! Send us a photo and let us know the unique number written on the card and plane so we can identify it. You can contact us here: http://projectspaceplanes.com/ask